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Bubbaloo Xtreme Pik-Fire lollipops with chili powder, chamoy and chewing gum, Adams / 20 pieces pack, Net Wt. 14.46 oz


Bubbaloo Xtreme Pik-Fire lollipops. Chamoy flavor lollipop with stuffed chewing gum and chili powder. Contains: 20 lollipops of 0.72 oz (20.5 g) each. Net Wt. 14.46 oz (410 g). All the chili Mexican candies are famous around the world; in this one, the combination of chamoy, chewing gum and chili powder is just fabulous!


Paletas Bubbaloo Xtreme Pik-Fire. Paleta de caramelo sabor a chamoy con goma de mascar rellena y chile en polvo. Contiene: 20 paletas de 20.5 g (0.72 oz) cada una. Peso neto 410 g (14.46 oz). Todos los dulces mexicanos con chile son famosos en el mundo entero; en este, la combinación de chamoy, goma de mascar y chile en polvo es ¡sencillamente fabulosa!

Contains 20 lollipops of 0.72 oz ea / 20 paletas de 20.5 g cu
Measures 20 x 35 x 6 cm
Weight 14.46 oz / 410 g
Shipping Weight 35.27 oz / 1kg

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