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Blackberry sauce with chipotle, Cocina Mestiza / 2 pack of 10.58 oz each


Blackberry sauce with chipotle. Cocina Mestiza. Contains: 2 pack of 10.58 oz (300 g) each. blackberry sauce with chipotle, has a blackberry flavor, with the smoky aroma of chile chipotle, ideal for marinating white meats or seafood, diluted in chicken or white wine.


Salsa de zarzamora con chipotle, Cocina Mestiza. Contiene: Un paquete de 2 piezas de 310 g (10.58 oz). Cada uno. Salsa agridulce de zalzamora con chipotle,  tiene un particular sabor a mora, con el aroma ahumado del chile chipotle, ideal para marinar carne roja blanca o mariscos, diluida en carne de pollo o vino blanco.

Contains 2 pack of 10.58 oz Ea. / 2 piezas de 310 g
Measures 19 x 6 x 6 cm
Weight 10.58 oz / 310 g
Shipping Weight 52.91 oz / 1.5 kg

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